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An Amazing Outdoor Space In Los Angeles

los angeles project norwayAt least 2 to 3 times each year we end up working on projects in Los Angeles.  Although I enjoy many cities around the world, the projects we get involved with in LA are typically pretty amazing.  The amount of money being thrown around and the competition to one up one’s neighbor makes for some pretty incredible results.

This most recent project is certainly no exception.  Though I’m not a liberty to discuss the exact location and certainly not the homeowner itself, I can say that it is someone with whom a great many people in the world are very familiar.  I had never encountered this individual myself, but was never inclined to believe that their tastes would align with those of our firm.  Over the course of the 2 weeks I spent in Los Angeles with this client I was to be consistent surprised at how creative and thoughtful they were.

The Home Itself

The house is settled in the hills of LA.  It’s around 50 years old and was starting to show it’s age.  The layout was actually fantastic though as it affords 180 degree views all along the backside of the house.  There is an infinity pool built along the back.  It is a truly remarkable location.

One downside of these sorts of homes is typically they’re perched up on the crest of a hill making them relatively conspicuous.  This one doesn’t have that particular problem because of the way it is situated.

It was built in the 1960s and is in the typical California ranch style.  While it looks very retro, the new owner wanted to update the look to something a bit more modern.  We started out by replacing all of the windows which were a major reason why it looked so dated.  We also opened up some of the spaces to allow for a better flow.

There are multiple levels to this house though none are more than a few steps higher or lower than the adjoining areas.  One challenge with all this openness was in where to put all the hi tech toys this particular homeowner wanted.

Luckily we were able to call upon Audio Video Experts to come up with a design that keeps all of the technology out of site until it is needed.  There are no fewer than 12 TVs in this home, but until they are turned on you would never be able to find one.

Hiding all of this is accomplished with screens that raise and lower, art that moves to reveal an LCD screen, and even mirrors that disappear and become 4K TV screens.  All in all we were very impressed with the work of the AV crew.

The Outdoor Spaces

While the pool had been updated 10 years ago, it was already looking dated.  We did a full redesign on both the pool and the pool deck.  The new design improves on the view and allows the homeowner to project an image onto a plate of glass from Draper that turns his view into a 100″ projector screen.  In a way it is similar to a previous project we had done.

This of course is hidden away when not in use.  Another interesting feature of the outdoor space is the summer kitchen.  Though it could certainly be used year round in LA, this kitchen is where the homeowner plans to spend the majority of his time.  Part of it is cover with a trellis and part of it is exposed to the sun.

We chose soft colors that aren’t too reflective to avoid harsh glare when enjoying the space during the day.  We also updated the landscape lighting and now it looks absolutely stunning at night.  Overall the project turned out spectacular.  The homeowner was absolutely thrilled with the work.  It’s all you can hope for in this industry.

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