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A Fabulous Farmhouse in the Big Apple

farmhouse kitchenOn my daily visit to Design Sponge I stumbled across this gem of  home in Brooklyn.  While most of my ideas are rooted firmly in contemporary designs, I absolutely loved the look they’ve achieved.  It truly is a farmhouse look in the middle of the big city.

Dana McClure and her husband Chris Lanier split their time between two places – a loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and a small farm in Olivebridge, New York. Today, we’re peeking into their home in Olivebridge. Like many creative couples, Dana and Chris wear many hats. Dana is a visual artist with a focus on printmaking, collage and textiles. She freelances for a range of clients as a graphic designer and Chris is a chef, grower and food stylist. With the birth of their son just seven months ago, the couple decided to try to simplify their life and leave more room for doing the things they love the most. To that end, Dana just ended her 10-year stint teaching at Parsons so that the couple could embark on their first joint venture – Ravenwood. They’ve started by hosting a series of dinner parties in Brooklyn and in Upstate New York that showcase their homegrown and homemade products. Before settling into this Olivebridge farm, the couple had spent years renting cabins in the Woodstock/Phoenicia area. A Modern Family Farmhouse – Design Sponge

I especially like the rustic rug in the living room and all of the exposed dishes in the kitchen.  It gives the whole place a well-used charm.  And the old milk canister in the back yard adds some rustic charm as well.  Looks like a warm and comfortable place to live.

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