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Home Automation Creates a Beautiful Outdoor Space in Orlando

pool in backyard of the Orlando FL projectIt’s been a busy fall, and it’s been quite some time since my last blog post.  There is good reason as this has turned out to be one our busiest years ever.  Our most recent project of note was completed in Orlando Florida within the last six weeks.  The vast majority of the project was outside on a ten acre estate outside the city.

A Quick Thanks

Before getting too deep into the details of this project I would like to offer our thanks to the other contractors on this job that help to make it a success.  Pickering Home Theater & Audio provided all of the home automation and lighting equipment that allowed this system to really pop.  JRW homes handled all of the outdoor remodeling and construction on the project.  And the team from Savant automation did a phenomenal job getting everything tied together.

Details of the Job

The homeowners of this project wanted a very unique outdoor space.  Since the weather in Central Florida is nice year round they wanted to be able to utilize their outdoor space more often.  This included an outdoor theater space, landscaping, buildings, and more.

Both husband and wife in this family are avid swimmers to they knew right away that they wanted to include a lap pool.  But because of how boring a long rectangular pool often looks they wanted to somehow spice this up.   We came up with an interesting design that incorporated the lap pool, but also modified the shape to make it look more visually appealing.

The Automation System

This outdoor system required a fairly extensive home automation system.  It ties together the lighting, automated equipment including TV’s, screen, and projector, as well as water features that turn on and off based on the AV activities.  All of these devices can be controlled directly from iPads and iPhones.  This allows everyone in the family to easily control any of the outdoor spaces.

Savant home automation was the control system of choice because of the large scale of this project.  It beautifully integrates with the lighting from Lutron and the motorized shades and screens from Lutron as well.

Even the pool and spa temperature can be quickly and easily controlled from a smartphone.  It truly is a connected system.

The Entertainment System

The outdoor home theater system that was installed is truly breathtaking.  The screen appears from behind a waterfall that stops as soon as any of the video sources is selected.  All of the speakers are hidden throughout the pool area and yard so as to be completely invisible.

While the project was not without it’s challenges it truly turned out to be one of the most unique and interesting outdoor spaces on which we have worked.

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