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A Total Remodel in the Rustic Town of Bend Oregon

remodeled home in Bend OregonIt’s been a while since we posted one of our projects so I figured it was about time to bring the blog back to life.  Given that our last published post was for a project in Los Angeles this one couldn’t be any different.

Our most recent project has been a complete remodel of a large home in Bend, Oregon.  The homeowners use this as their winter residence as they’re primary home is up in Alaska.  Before we go any further I just have to mention how grateful I am for the local cleaning service that was able to help us out in getting the house cleaned up in time for pictures.

The home they purchased has one of the better views you could possibly ask for, but unfortunately the home itself was quite dated, and the interior didn’t jive with the new owners.  So we set out to remedy this by spending a couple days at their home in Alaska to get a feel for what they like.

Rustic and Warm

The best way to describe this particular couple’s style is what I would call rustic and warm.  Think browns, greens, lots of stone, and lots of fireplaces.  Throw in a touch of French Country and you’ll be able to picture exactly what I’m talking about.

The original house only had two fireplaces for 10 rooms.  Due to the cold weather in Bend they wanted to make sure that all the bedrooms and most of the common rooms had a functioning wood-burning fireplace.  This was no small task as the house was built like a fortress.

But there was so much other work going on that it just took a bit of imagination, engineering, and a good bit of chimney building to get it done.  In the end we added 4 new fireplaces, replaced the one existing gas-burning, and we were good to go.

The Challenge of the Kitchen

The kitchen in particular was somewhat challenging.  It is an enormous space with a large butcher block table/counter in the middle.  The rest of the countertops are limestone from a quarry in Central Oregon.  The new owners wanted to keep all of these, but wanted to replace the cabinets with something darker in color.

We found a local cabinet maker in downtown Bend that was more than up to the task.  He was able to come up with a new look, color, and at the same time managed to give them an extra 50 square feet of storage.

He even used a technique that I wasn’t previously familiar with by creating large open drawers under the island.  They allow for storage of larger heavier items.  Since the island is so deep, they were able to gain quite a bit of storage space.  This turned out to be the wife’s favorite feature in the whole house.  She’s an avid cook.

The Master Bedroom

The master was one of the rooms with an existing fireplace.  Unfortunately it was gas.  It’s footprint was relatively small so this necessitated rebuilding the entire mantle and exterior of the fireplace itself.  Originally it was done with plaster to match the walls.

The new owners wanted more stone in the room so again we went with some locally sourced stone.  The end result was incredible.  Since it’s a wood burning fireplace we went ahead and removed the carpet from the master sitting area and brought in more hardwood flooring.  With a colorful rug the owners picked up in Turkey it became a lovely room.

The Rest of the House

The rest of the house saw some basic changes beyond decor.  We put a new layer of plaster on to give the house some more earthy tones.  These are extremely popular in Central Oregon.  I was amazed at the use of 100 different browns and greens we saw in some of the homes we toured in the local area.

Some of the windows needed to be replaced.  Evidently there are some pretty serious winds in this neck of the woods.  Thankfully yours truly didn’t have to experience any of that during this project.  I also hear it gets quite cold.

Local Contractors We Used

Made to Order Woodworks
1470 NE 1st St. Suite 1200
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 382-5814

Arbor Builders
2538 NE Division St
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 323-4850

Maid In Central Oregon
1124 NW Portland Ave #1
Bend, OR 97701
(458) 202-2462

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